About Us

NESECO is a IT security integration and consulting firm. Founded in November 2010, NESECO has since grown to provide security products, solutions, support, and consultation to over 50 active customers.

NESECO team of IT security professionals is carefully selected to bring not only security expertise, but experience in policy and compliance, IT management, enterprise architecture, software development lifecycle and experience in other IT disciplines. Beyond technical expertise, our staff bring experience from working in government, law enforcement, defence and large corporate environments.

Drawing on our vast experience, our consultants and engineer look beyond point solutions and single engagements to consider the IT strategy of our clients, and design solution to integrate with the enterprise architecture.

Our methodologies are based on industry accepted best practices, using standards written by bodies such as the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), The System and Administration and Networking Security Institute (SANS), and the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). While respecting the wide industry knowledge contained within these standards, NESECO expands and extends these standards with industry specific knowledge and experience to provide the most customised solutions for our clients.

Our services and solutions are constantly at the forefront of the IT security space, with a commitment to in-house research and industry security conferences. This allows NESECO to be constantly seeking and developing solutions for the next security challenge.