Where a security breach has been identified, or is suspected, the penetration tester’s skill set becomes directly relevant in identifying how an intrusion has occurred, what information may have been compromised, and what steps can be taken to prevent a repeat incident. Often technical security investigations of this type will go hand-in-hand with forensic investigations, however, unlike forensics the results of the investigation alone could not be used in legal proceedings.

Incident Handling

Even with the highest security implementations and constraints, we can face an incident. Even if it is a minor or major, it will be represented as security threat and result in company loss. That's why it's very important to have an appropriate incident procedures and a professional to handle the complete cycle of the incident.

What do we offer

With this service we offer organizations to be prepared to handle an incident as well as to make the actual incident. The covering services are the following:

  • Defining incident handling and investigation roles and responsibilities.
  • Defining incident plans and procedures.
  • Configuring and implementing network infrastructure for detection and analysis for security incidents.
  • Investigation of incidents.
  • Returning IT infrastructure and services after incidents.

What is the benefit

In case when incident occurs, you will be prepared with specific reaction plans and designs to prevent or minimize the company loss. You will have a full track with documentation of the cycle of the particular incident and how it was handled. By this process of incident handling we will gather the actual information on the impact that possibly harmed the organization business.

Digital Forensics

The request for prompt fix of the systems and returning it into live environment, after the incident, is not an option anymore. We need to perform a detailed forensic analysis, so we can successfully prevent the same incident happening again and successfully mitigate the same or similar attack on systems.

What do we offer

We offer a detailed examination of an incident and present the core problem analysis of the incident in details. You will get a full report of incident and the three answers to three major questions: who, what and when in chronological order.

What is the benefit

Organization will be in possession of detailed report about incident and the impact to its business. It will help improving high-level security that will serve your business environment.