OCX Network Monitoring System

Network management software that gives you the power to monitor and manage your networkOCX NMS Splunk Application

OCX NMS is an Splunk based application, all-inclusive solution that provides perfect network monitoring solution. OCX NMS will give you superior insight into and control of your network environment. This Splunk application is built to automatically and proactively monitor your network infrastructure, providing root cause analysis and impact to services with automatic discovery and presentation of layer 2 and layer 3 topology

OCX NMS empowers your security and network organizations to identify, manage, drill-down any security threats and normal network operations, in matter of minutes you will find any security or network related issue. 

OCX NMS with Splunk centrally aggregates longs and events from a wide rage of Cisco and other network devices (such as routers and switches), security devices and applications (such as firewalls, IPS/IDS systems, vulnerability scanners and antivirus applications) hosts (such as Windows, *NIX), applications (such as databases, Web servers and authentication servers). It also fully supports Netflow. 

How it works?

OCX NMS is an Splunk based application which utilizes all the best of the Splunk adding our knowledge and experience. We have developed easy interfaces and agents, which will allow automatically detecting and adding all of you network infrastructure in matter of minutes. Specially developed agents will pool information from you devices based on detected hardware platform utilizing SNMP (v1, v2 or v3), SSH and syslog. In matter of minutes you will be presented with all your assets, including layer 2 and layer 3 topology of your network. 

Using the power of Splunk we collect, index and harness your network generated data to identify problems, risks and opportunities, drive better decisions and perform root cause analysis. 

OCX NMS delivers full network and service root cause and impact analysis enabling powerful navigation of the data to get to “the needle in the haystack” – to troubleshoot and identify root cause. 

Real Time and Suppressed Alerts Console provides ability to promptly report any kind of network operation problems including root cause and impact, network interface tracking such as (throughput, discards, errors and drop rate), SLAs, health statistics and other important network infrastructure metrics. 

Real Time Activity and Security Console provides detail information of core network infrastructure, their usage and security events such as events of denied connections, firewall current active connections and other fully customizable events.

Supporting these three workloads in the same system delivers value across the organization. Specific dashboards can provide meaningful information for different users and roles – from the server room to the boardroom, so the value of Operational Intelligence can be recognized deep within the organization. 

Key Features

Log Management

Real-time Dashboards

Advanced Customised Alerting

Root Cause and Impact

Netflow Analytics

Configuration Change Management

Layer 2 and Layer 3 Dynamic Active Topoligy

Network Interface Statistics

VoIP Monitoring

Advanced Routing Protocol Root Cause Analytics

Advanced Firewall Analytics

Network Health Status

GETVPN and VPN Client Analysis

Network Bandwidth Usage Statistics

Network Inventory

Performance and Availablity

Access Control Analytics